A Summary Report of Ghadir Drill - Fars, Iran - Dec 2010

Given the fact that Iran – due to its geographical conditions-is among the ten most incident – prone countries in the world, it is essential to be prepared in managing natural disasters and checking the documented plans through drills and exercises. This in conjunction with the vast area of Fars[1]in the Richter scale in the province particularly the 4/7 Richter earthquake in Eshkanan resulting in the destruction of rural homes provided the main reason for conducting the most recent exercise to handle emergencies in Mohr, a southern city of Fars. province with more than 20earthquakes in the first six months of the year 2010, along with the considerable number of earthquakes stronger than 5
The Goals of the Drill
1. Promoting inter – organizational coordination among different sections of the medical university including treatment, health, food and drug, security, logistics, and cultural unit
2. Promoting intra-organizational coordination between the medical university and other organizations throughout the province and the exercise zone
3. Promoting the preparation to summon, gather and dispatch the operational units of the medical university to the impact zone, as well as enhancing the preparation to live in harsh conditions and getting back to the recovery phase.
4. Promoting the operational capacity of the medical university according to the ICS principles particularly focusing on the unified command, sharing responsibilities and determining control areas
5. Identifying the capabilities of the operational forces to operate in special conditions
The Summary Report
The date for conducting the drill and its title was determined by the Shiraz University of Medical Science  E.O.C.[2], following the determination of the general framework for the drill.
Subsequently, in a period of three months, 23 inner and intra organizational meetings as well as 133 correspondences were conducted and all the forces participating in the drill were determined.
Two days prior to the drill, an anesthetist and a gynecologist were dispatched to Mohr to visit patients free of charge. Furthermore, the commanders of the drill in Lamerd[3] and Mohr were also dispatched to the area on the same day to supervise and observe the operations in the drill zone.
A day prior to the drill, 7 T.L.[4] surgeries were conducted in Mohr hospital free of charge. At 14:30 the same day ,all the operational forces were dispatched to Mohr .Eventually ,the night before the drill, the final coordination meeting was held in the tent of the settlement camp’s commander.

On the drill day at 6:30 in the morning all forces were put on alert and dispatched to the drill zone in Mohr’s Parsian refinery and Haji-Abad village with 15 ambulances and a bus .
From the early morning, a physician and a nurse visited the patients free of charge in the health clinic in Haji –Abad village. At 8:09 am, the drill started with the announcement of the earthquake and the subsequent emergency conditions from Parsian refinery, the hospitals in Mohr, Lamerd and Shiraz were put on alert.
8 ambulances and the commanding vehicle were dispatched to the refinery; 8 casualties were triaged and transferred to the refinery‘s medical post to be sent to Shiraz by an EMS helicopter.
In Haji-Abad, 12 casualties were triaged and transferred to Shiraz and 22 mocked injured with their medical history on their necks were transferred to Lamerd.
In Shiraz through E.O.C., Namazi and Rajaii [5]hanged on their necks. Later, the injured assessed the quality of the services using a check list by themselves. hospitals were placed on alert and 25 of the injured were transferred to Namazi and Rajaii hospitals with their medical history
Reported by: Moradian M.J., Rastegarfar B., Dehghani M. et al.,
Shiraz Emergency Medical &   Disaster Management Center, Dec 2010
[1]Located in south-west of Iran
[2]Emergency Operations Center
[3]A city near Mohr
[4]Tubal Ligation
[5]2 main trauma centers in Shiraz





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